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Meet Our Team


Chad started Chad Harrison CPA for the purpose of helping as many people in the community as possible.  Chad loves being able to take the burden of bookkeeping, financials, and taxes off his clients so they can spend more time doing what they love. 

Chad lives in Clear Lake with his childhood sweetheart Michele, and their 4 children, Kylie, Faith, Brayden, and Addilyn.  They enjoy sports, are active in their church community, and love outdoor activities together as a family.  

Chad’s favorite Bible verse is Colossians 3:17



Chad Harrison CPA is pleased to have Michele Harrison in the office. Michele is a wonderful addition to our team and fills a lot of roles at the office, mainly keeping Chad in check…

*Michele is married to Chad and they have 4 children – Kylie, Faith, Brayden and Addilyn! Michele is a very devoted mother and when she is not in the office is most likely driving kids to dance practice, baseball games or gymnastics.

*What you might not know about Michele is she and Chad starting dating in the 5th grade and has yet to tire of him.

*Michele’s favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 58:11


Chad Harrison CPA is so excited to have Sheyenne Allen on the team.  Sheyenne is an office administrator and accountant that loves taking care of clients, and helping them make sure everything is taken care of.  

*Sheyenne enjoys traveling, home renovations, along with spending time with family and friends.

*Sheyenne is excited to start a new chapter of life starting in October of 2022, as she marries her better half Conner



Chad Harrison CPA is pleased to have Miranda Kruse in the office. Miranda is a huge asset to our company…not only is she a great person to work with – she has mad skills in accounting, knows how to run the office and keeps us on track!!

*Miranda is married to Mark and they have 2 daughters – Maddy and Maggie, and a soon to be son Noah!

*Miranda is dog crazy…she has 2 dogs and loves them to pieces!! Don’t be surprised if you stop in the office and are greeted by Rosie her golden retriever/lab mix!

*Miranda’s favorite Bible verse is Matthew 5:9


Chad Harrison CPA is excited to have Ilyn Potter on the team. Ilyn is an accountant that is up for any challenge.  Ilyn has such a positive impact on the office, and is always making sure we give our clients the best service we can.    

*Ilyn has been married to Clarke for almost 20 years!  They have two teenage boys – Noah and Lucas and the best copper colored golden retriever named Penny.

*Ilyn was born in California and has lived all over the United States from Portland to Philly.

*Ilyn’s favorite Bible Verses and Quotes are:

 Matthew 17:20  and Stressed spelled backwards is desserts! – Unknown (probably Ilyn)




Chad Harrison CPA is extremely fortunate to have Emily and all her experience in the office. Emily is an accountant that brings tons of experience to the job, and Emily uses her expertise every day to help clients and  the whole team.    

*Emily is married to Chris and they have two children, Teagan and Liam, and 2 dogs, Daisy and Luna. 

* Emily may be the first human in the world to move back to Iowa from Florida because she missed the cold weather and snow.

*Emily’s favorite bible verse is Psalm 46:10




Chad Harrison CPA is proud to have Paul on the team!  Paul is a CPA with a background in missions work and accounting.  Paul helps the whole Chad Harrison CPA by bringing his diverse background and knowledge to the team. 

*Paul is happily married to Phyllis going on 30 years

* Paul served as a missionary for 11 years in Africa as an accountant, and while there also had a pet cat and monkey.  Now Paul enjoys time splitting firewood to help with the winter heating.

*Paul’s favorite Bible verse is Lamentations 3:21-24




Chad Harrison CPA is blessed to have Pam Devries in the office. Pam is an accountant that brings tons of experience and can problem solve anything that comes up.  She is always happy to help anyone, and does it with a smile on her face  

*Pam and her Husband Randy have 3 children: Derek, Drew & Miranda.  

* Pam enjoys gardening, quilting, and traveling! Her favorite vacation spots have been Key largo, FL and Costa Rica.  Pam is also the pianist and organist for her church.  

*Pam’s favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:6-7





Chad Harrison CPA couldn’t run without Tina Swart. Tina is the office administrator that does anything and everything to help the office run smoothly.  She feeds the team every day, helps you get your taxes ready and signed, and makes sure Chad is ready and on time with each client.   

*Tina is married to John, and they have 2 sons Nathan (Brook is their soon to be daughter) and Eric. They also have 1 great dog named Snickers.

* Tina enjoys gardening, boating, cooking/entertaining, spending time with amazing friends and of course ISU!

*Favorite (unfamous) quote: Good thing we are all different otherwise everyone would be in love with grandpa…Edith Butrick (Tina’s Grandma)



Chad Harrison CPA is lucky to have Bonnie on our team.  Bonnie is a CPA with over 20 years of experience in accounting.  Bonnie loves paying attention to small details to ensure clients get the best service possible.   

*Bonnie moved to Des Moines with her husband, Todd, in June 2022.  Prior to their move, Bonnie nad Todd called Hampton, IA home for 15 years, where they raised their kids, Erin and Mitch, and Todd served as Superintendent of Hampton-Dumont and CAL.  

* Bonnie hopes to visit all the National Parks and keep her husband out of the ER during their home improvement projects

*Favorite Bible verse – Proverbs 3:5



We are proud to have Ethan Larson on staff here at Chad Harrison CPA.  Ethan is passionate about taking on new clients and getting to know them.  He truly cares about his co-workers and bring joy to the office every day.  Ethan plans to become a CPA in the coming years

* Ethan graduated from Iowa state in 2020. Go Cyclones!

* Ethan enjoys spending time with family and friends.  He enjoys being outside and doing activities such as golf, camping ,and fishing.

*Ethan’s favorite quote is “Seven days without prayer, makes one weak.”



Chad Harrison CPA is happy to have Langdon Devine as part of the team. Langdon joins us as the operations manager and is constantly looking to help to remove barriers that make it hard for our team to provide the service they want to our clients.    

*Langdon has been married to Laura for 13 years, and he has 4 kids and a dog.

*Langdon enjoys playing any sport that is fast paced, and enjoys a good cup of strong coffee…if it’s weak, it will get sent back! 

*Langdon’s favorite bible verse is 1st Corinthians 9:23


‘As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord’

Joshua 24:15

“I fell in love in 5th grade and luckily Michele did too… 25 years later we have been married for 15 years, have 4 kids and 2 dogs and I am truly living the dream.”