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All right couple things real quick:


One—I suck at editing videos, so we’re just gonna roll with this and if I mess up, I mess up.


Two—I need a haircut and I apologize.  I know I look pretty shaggy right now.


All right three—one of the big things I’ve been talking to a lot of my clients about right now are roth conversions.  Roth conversions right now are huge.  The government has just recently done several trillion dollars’ worth of bailouts and stimulus payments.


The only way they have to pay for that is with increased taxes down the road.  As it sits right now, we are in some of the best tax brackets we’ve been in for a very very long time.  So, they are set to expire in 2025.  One of the things that we need to be looking at is between now and 2025.  Should we be converting money to roth?  Should we be funding roth instead of traditionals and those type of things because tax rates will go up.  When you pull this money out of your retirement down the road you will most likely be in a higher tax bracket.


If this is something you want to talk more in depth about please please please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We can talk to you about everything tax related in regards to roths and roth IRA conversions I hope you guys have a great day.  Thanks!