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Strategic Tax Plans

 Utilize tax strategies to minimize your and your business’s tax liabilities for the foreseeable future

Simplified Accounting 

Accurately and timely prepare data that can be used to help make informed business decisions

Streamlined Payroll

Eliminate time consuming payroll tasks as well as the penalties and interest that can be associated with late payments

  • After 13 years in the business

  • I have found that a self-employed person's two biggest fears are wasting time and losing money. With the implementation of a strategic tax plan, simplified accounting and streamlined payroll, Chad Harrison CPA P.C. is able to put your hard earned time and money back into your hands – Chad Harrison

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About Chad Harrison CPA

I grew up on a farm and was taught the meaning of work ethic early on by my father. Not a man of many words, but so much can be learned by actions. He worked tirelessly to put food on the table and continue to do what he loved. This has been where I have found my motivation to keep doing what I do

What Our Clients Say

What customers said about us

As a small business owner my passion is for serving my customers. I’m not passionate about tracking expenses, accounts payable and receivable, and managing tax liabilities of the firm. In order to grow my business I need to focus my time on our clients or potential clients, as well as other revenue generating activities that only I can do. Delegating everything else to the proper people or technology is our goal. Chad and his team give us back the freedom to focus on the activities that mater most to our clients and us. We don’t worry about accounting, or taxes because we know Chad is handling it for us. We can’t afford not to outsource this to Chad because the time it would take us each week to do it ourselves is is more valuable when we’re working on our business than it costs to have pros handle it for us.

Mark Triplett

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chad Harrison for the past 3 years. His attention to detail and expertise in helping you save money in your taxes and prep your business for success are second to none. Give him a call today!

Andy O’Brien

Chad and his team are great to work with. They have taken care of my business bookkeeping and personal taxes and do a great job. Recommend them to everyone!

Mike & Nancy Borchardt

Chad & his staff were very professional and courteous. Prompt service and accommodating for my needs!


Bruce Fingalsen

Latest News

Latest News

2018 Child/Dependent Tax Credit

Those of you who know me, know I have four kids.  Those four kids bring my wife and I much joy, constant comedy, some drama and most importantly, the Child Tax Credit.  When I heard that Congress was talking of changing this bill I worried that they would find a way...

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There is Still Time!

Tax season is upon us. The wonderful time of year where I start running around in a sleep-deprived, frantic hysteria singing ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ Focusing on preparing client’s w2's, 1099’s and beginning to prepare tax returns. The time flies by...

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The Highly Anticipated Tax Legislation

Well, Congress has passed and the President has signed the long awaited Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017. There are many changes in this bill that originally set out to simplify the tax code. Unfortunately, much of what has come out about it does anything but that. Below...

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